Became a Platform for Experts

GFA Bootcamp Becoming a Platform For Experts

It has been an intensive few weeks, listening to everyone and the resounding feedback is many are craving hands-on training. What also has been very clear to me is that there are various levels in the community and we need to clearly address which bootcamp session will be for what experience level.

On top of that, people have asked for an a la carte menu as some are interested in Amazon listing optimization while others are more interested in the strategy and supply chain positioning for a brand.

From our expert side, many are here to support us and originally we were going to make a single track, multi-day event and work deals with experts. Yet, they said they really want to see the first GFA bootcamp succeed and are in it for the long term.

Wow, insert a warm and fuzzy feeling here.

From this, we redeveloped the bootcamp to become a platform. We want the community to pick which sessions they want the most, and we want to have experts compensated for delivering that high value, hot content to the attendees.

Calling Experts In The Community To Apply To Be A GFA Bootcamp Instructor
Are you an expert in the Amazon FBA, cross-border ecommerce world and want to share your knowledge in an intensive 3 hour session? Want to host a beginner 3 hour session and then an additional 3 hour advanced session (for a total of 1 day)? That is perfect! We would love to discuss hosting you at the bootcamp.

So how does this work?
We have an application form (link at the bottom of today’s article) where you can review the terms and conditions and apply. We are looking for experts, hot topics, and previous experience and content that you have done.

Our bootcamp organizing team will be in touch with you if we feel there is a potential fit.

If you are selected, we will list your profile and session(s) on the GFA bootcamp agenda. Attendees will select your session and if the minimum number of people (5 to 10 people) locks in your session, you’ll be confirmed.

What Does an Expert Get?
As we said, we are a platform. We are offering Experts, who host a 3 hour session – focused on a hot topic and delivering hands-on, actionable content, 70% of that session’s proceeds.

That’s right! You will get valuable exposure from the GFA marketing team leading up to the event; make valuable connections at the Bootcamp; and receive 70% of the proceeds from your training session.

How Does It Work For Bootcamp Attendees?
Sounds exciting right? All these experts in one place, in a tropical resort in Thailand!

Based on our surveys, you don’t want the extra fluff. You know what you know, and you know what you need.


Signing up for the bootcamp has 2 steps:

Step 1: Buy the general entry access pass with Open Day ticket. To gain access to the bootcamp there is a base fee. Prices vary depending on the ticket level (from startup price to VIP). Essentially this is the entrance fee, which also includes food (exact type, depending on ticket level), Open Day (expert sharing sessions and round tables), and other perks of the basic bootcamp event.

Step 2: Buy the bootcamp workshop session that you like. As these experts signup and list their bootcamp session, lock them in! There are currently 2 days of bootcamp sessions (which means a total of 4 sessions you can book as there are 2 days of 2 three hour sessions each).

Only want 1 bootcamp session? No problem! Lock in that Saturday afternoon, 2 to 5pm session now. Or just buy the advanced PPC session on Sunday afternoon.

You decide!

The Dream Is Coming True – We Are Building A New Business Academy

I never got an MBA.

I did get a Masters of Science in Technology Management (Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey).

I do see value in formal education, but I do believe it needs to be upgraded.

We see Global From Asia as becoming a modern day school, academy, learning platform for cross-border business owners to come and learn – on demand.

But as we know, school was never just about “hitting the books” and learning. So many colleges are about those networks you make while being there. Those networks are how you get your first job, how you get that big client, etc.

That is where the Global From Asia community comes into play with our various events and the round tables and networking built into the bootcamp. We believe this is the go-to source for learning and sharing and growing together in the ever expanding – and ever challenging – cross-border e-commerce and Amazon FBA environment.

Looking forward to having you join us in the next stage of Global From Asia. Apply here!

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