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We work with the best in the industry to make this bootcamp top notch. These are your program guides.

Michael Michelini

Podcast host and blogger

Mike is the host of the Global From Asia podcast. He deeply enjoys sharing knowledge and connecting hard working, global business owners from around the world.

American social media & E-Commerce & SEO specialist being China since late 2007 a true business connector. He is passionate to help companies do business in China, and help Chinese companies to grow in the overseas market.

Currently building a new e-commerce brand live on

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Mark Ramos

Sourcing Expert in Guangzhou

Mark is a China sourcing and e-commerce veteran. With 10 years in Guangzhou, China and going through business cycles of eBay and Amazon e-commerce booms – Mark will give priceless insights and value bombs to attendees.

Ask Mark for your e-commerce marketing needs, on top of his sourcing and China experience, he is also a skilled Facebook marketer.

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Industry Experts To Guide You

Throughout the program you will have experts on-site working with you on your business growth needs.

Andy Church

Problem Solver Insight Quality Services – Third Party Sourcing & Quality Agency

With over 20 years experience in Retail, Manufacturing and Quality Assurance and 12 years living in Shenzhen, China, Andy founded Insight Quality Services.

Insight works with retailers and vendors from North America and Europe providing quality assurance and sourcing services primarily for private branded product.

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Davide Nicolucci

Founder & Director Growth Hack Consulting HK

Davide Nicolucci is a professional Digital Marketer and Growth Hacker since 2010. His international career covers various projects with multi-million dollar ecommerce companies in Europe, North America and Asia.

In 2017, after working for 2 years with top Amazon sellers based in China, he opened the first Marketing Agency for Amazon Sellers in Hong Kong: Growth Hack Consulting HK LTD whose clients are 6

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Alicia Liu

Co-Founder of Reborn Technology

Former sales director in Amazon. 13 years working experience in Walmart,Former DMM in Walmart China; Former senior sourcing manager in Walmart Global Sourcing
Meet Ailcia At Cross Border Matchmaker 2018 in Shenzhen, China

I have 13 years work experience in Walmart Global Organization. Let’s discuss the opportunity to expand your business to Walmart online and physical stores.
Topics - Help you expand business to

Keywords: Walmart

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Rico Ngoma

CEO Source Find Asia

CEO of Source Find Asia, He'll show you how to do sourcing in China the tried and true way. Using best practices, passion, and 8 years of experience in the trenches, they use the most cutting-edge tactics in sourcing manufacturers to make sure that products are top-notch winners that build brand relationship with the customers. They're serious about quality and results.

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Daniel Fernandez

Founder AMZclever

Daniel runs an Amazon marketing agency that specialized in PPC.

An entrepreneur and expert in cross-border ecommerce, copyright, and marketing. Daniel has a wide-ranged skill-set that is built on the foundation of getting products into the hands of the end-user.

As an extensive traveler, for both business and pleasure, Daniel has a global perspective and with his well-traveled knowledge understands the ins and outs of supply-chain logistics, international trade, and going

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Help you expand business to
Learn what it takes to get your marketplace account approved to sell on Walmart's market.

Internet Marketing & Content Creation
Mike is the host of the Global From Asia podcast. He deeply enjoys sharing knowledge and connecting hard working, global business owners from around the world.

Amazon Listing Optimization & PPC
How to truly dig into your paid advertising campaigns? Daniel has a super power and passion for digging through enormous amounts of data in Amazon. Excel is his best friend!

Growth Hacking Your Way To A True Brand
How do you stand out in today's saturated market on Amazon? Let's put some energy into your product and brand to see what it will take to break through.

Why Work With Global From Asia?

We are a platform of experts from around the globe who are here to bring you the best knowledge and network available.


The GFA (Global From Asia) Bootcamp is a new program to put all the knowledge, network, and services for building an e-commerce business in motion to allow participants to make their product brand ideas a reality. The bootcamp’s goal is each team launches their Amazon FBA business at the end of the bootcamp.

About Global From Asia – Global From Asia is a cross-border e-commerce platform and community that was established in 2013 to simplify international business mysteries and level the playing field.

The Program

In the bootcamp, we work together through all the pieces necessary to launch on Amazon FBA


Work together to find the right product to start with.


Differentiate your product to stand out. Thought process and structure.

Product Development

Get the manufacturing sorted and smooth.

Seller Central

Get your Amazon FBA account in order.

Listing Optimization

Create a listing that drives keywords and converts.

Shopping Carts

More than going all in on Amazon, we dive into multi-channel strategies.

Facebook Ads

Strategies and insights on building your sales channel via FB ads and bots.

Email Sales Funnel

Tapping into your list is often the holy grail, let’s dive deep into it.


Introduce your product to the world, with a bang!

The Bootcamp

The program is an intensive program in Thailand to build you and your Amazon FBA e-commerce business to a new reality.

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Here’s what Global From Asia event attendees have to say

“This day is amazing so far, such amazing speakers, I have learnt a lot of Amazon stuff today, you CANNOT miss this event next April!

Check out Global From Asia #crossbordersummit”

Chris Davey
Amazon Seller in Zhuhai, China

“I had the pleasure of attending the Cross Border Summit early this year. I was super impressed by Mike and the whole team from Global From Asia put together.

What you’ll get is a diverse range of speakers and attendees from around the world. What I got most out of it was the networking.

After the event I was able to create a lot of business opportunities as well as friends. And that can be a very important thing when doing business in China and I found that hugely invaluable.

So apart from that, I recommend attending next year’s event, I know I have it on my calendar.”

Kai Law
Amazon Seller from Aukland, New Zealand

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