Bootcamp Survey Results

The GFA Bootcamp survey results are in

Thank you for those who gave us feedback on the first ever Global From Asia bootcamp. It is this feedback that motivates me to continue to pursue the dream of building this bootcamp and ultimately – an academy of amazing people with super-human abilities.

Based on the surveys, and replies, and phone calls, and enrollments, and supporters – there has been so much feedback about it. It is overwhelming and in a way difficult for us to accommodate everyone.

The first bootcamp will for sure be one for the record books, and one to build from – and this is what we have put together:

Main event – 3 days – most people said 7 days is just too long. We will have some extra days of bootcamp for those who are able to, and it will be amazing – but the main content will be 3 days.

Moved it back a week – there is Rise Conference in Hong Kong at the same time from the initial dates. Don’t want to overlap – plus Global From Asia is a media partner of it.

Multiple tracks – beginner and advanced. A good split of people who want startup and want advanced, so we will make 2 different levels.

The result?

3 days
Friday July 18 – 20, 2019
Multiple tracks, beginner and advanced

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