Apply For a GFA Bootcamp Scholarship

Want To Attend the GFA Bootcamp But Need a Lending Hand?

Global From Asia has always been about supporting those who are willing to work hard to make a better life for themselves.

Is price really the Issue? Then Apply for Our Scholarship!

If the price really is too much for you – and you are a talented – hard working person – maybe GFA can get someone to invest in you! We have done it with Sisitano (Ecommerce Gladiator) and it is working, we have a great team and it is growing revenue. Also there are a good amount of successful business owners in our network who want to invest in good people – so I am collecting a scholarship list of rockstars – terms are being formed and you would need to be willing to give up a piece of your company in exchange for this scholarship – but also you’ll have great people with you! This is something truly amazing, and applying for the scholarship doesn’t mean you need take the offer (if you’re selected) – so why not apply if money is tight and you’re a capable human being willing to take action and spend a week of intense training.

I’ll also talk to Coran at the FBA Broker (thanks for reading and your support for this bootcamp), Meir at Brand Masters, and the crew at Empire Flippers and many other 7, 8 figure sellers in the industry to see if they’re interested. Heck maybe I will invest through my firm Shadstone Limited. Because business, especially the FBA industry, is all about diversification and hedging.

Does this Scholarship / Investment program sound like your cup of tea? Then fill out the scholarship application here.

Common Questions

What is a GFA Bootcamp Scholarship?

It is a way to aid those who are willing to work hard and do what it takes to create an Amazon FBA company but need financial support.

What are the terms of the scholarship?

We are developing template terms, but it involves a wealthy individual or successful company to sponsor your bootcamp and other resources in exchange for future repayment or gain.

I want to be a donor

Do you like this idea of s scholarship for hard working entrepreneurs to build an Amazon FBA ecommerce business? Contact us and we will discuss if you’re a fit.